Employment Opportunities

Night Shift Maintenance Manager      Port of Tacoma                          Open until filled

Journeyman Mechanic                      Link Transit                               Open until filled 

Fleet Manager                                 City of Ithaca, NY                       Closes 8 Nov 2019 

Journey Mechanic                            Community Transit                     Closes 1 Nov 2019

Equipment Service Worker               City of Everett, WA                     Closes 10 Oct 2019

Fleet Services Parts Technician         City of Tacoma, WA                    Closes 9 Oct 2019 

Distribution Center Inventory Specialist  Port of Seattle                      Closes 3 Oct 2019

Fleet Technician II                           Benton County, OR                     Closes 2 Oct 2019 

Fleet Analyst                                  City of Tacoma, WA                     Closes 30 Sept 2019 

Fire & Marine Diesel Mechanic          City of Tacoma, WA                     Closes 30 Sept 2019

Heavy Equipment Mechanic              City of Tacoma, WA                     Closes 30 Sept 2019 

Journey Level Mechanic                    Pierce Transit                              Closes 30 Sept 2019

Auto Parts Specialist                       City of Seattle, WA                       Closes 24 Sept 2019 

Fleet Assistant Manager                   Pierce Transit                              Closes 23 Sept 2019

Heavy Duty Auto Body Repair           King County Metro                      Closes 20 Sept 2019 

Fleet Services Coordinator                City of Portland, OR                     Closes 20 Sept 2019 

Metal Fabricator - Temp                   City of Seattle, WA                      Closes 17 Sept 2019 

Facilities Maintenance Mechanic        Pierce Transit                               Closes 9 Sept 2019 

Automotive / Equipment Tech.          City of Anacortes, WA                   Closes 6 Sept 2019

Automotive/Heavy Equipment Mech.  City of Seattle, WA                       Closes 3 Sept 2019

Automotive Mechanic                       Washington County, OR                 Closes 1 Sept 2019 

Equipment Mechanic                        Washington County, OR                 Closes 1 Sept 2019 

Stores Clerk                                    Washington County, OR                Closes 1 Sept 2019

Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic              Kitsap County, WA                       Closes 26 Aug 2019

Fleet positions listed at Police Fleet Institute              http://policefleetinstitute.com/ClassifiedJobs/

Fleet positions listed at Police Fleet Institute

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