Public Fleet Managers Association PFMA 

Initially called Pacific Northwest Public Fleet Managers Association, PFMA was the idea of Pete Scarafiotti, former Pierce County Assistant Fleet Manager. Scarafiotti’s idea was to provide training and assistance to fleet managers, sharing knowledge from all members in order to obtain the highest possible professional results. The group was launched in 1993.

Fleet managers, public or private, have the same mission: Provide excellent service to our customers, know our costs, be competitive, and remember the people who help you run the fleet management department.


The Public Fleet Managers Association consists of over 100 members representing a cross section of all public fleets

(State, County, City, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Transit Agencies, Public Utilities, Fire Districts, Police/Sheriff Departments, Ports, Naval Stations, the British Columbia Provinces, Federal Agencies and Tribal Fleet Departments)

throughout Washington, Oregon, Canada, California, Alaska and agencies through out the US.

Training – Major Goal

PFMA continues to promote the training of fleet managers and technicians. Besides regular training meetings (5 to 6 meetings per year), two special meetings may be held twice a year.

One is for parts supervisors and buyers, where they can share their experiences in products and vendor service. The other special meeting is for shop repair supervisors and technicians to discuss equipment repair issues. Both of these special meetings have provided valuable peer networks and have saved thousands from lessons learned.

PFMA Group Training

Another area that is managed by the Training Officer is the Technical Fleet Training Program. Besides the numerous tech training classes conducted by several member agencies that are open to all members, the Training Officer coordinates up to 6 classes per year (PFMA has negotiated reduced group training costs to members, saving thousands per year) in areas such as:

hydraulics, drivability, brakes, ABS, etc.

Members who host classes might then send one or two attendees at a reduced cost.

Sharing Member Knowledge

An additional benefit to our members is their ability to ask questions and obtain responses from the membership. It works like this: a member may be working on a project such as ASE certification and pay, police car failures, salaries for technicians, parts personnel job descriptions, tool box allowances, computer software programs or any number of projects.

The member will send the question to the Information Officer, who will send the question out to all members. Members will respond to the question (providing information to the requester, who will use this information to provide his/her organization with a professional recommendation).

The Public Fleet Managers Association can be reached through their web site,

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